Wrapping It Up: 24 Hour Comics Day

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It’s a few minutes early but I’m pronouncing my effort done for today. At some point not tonight I’ll do an overall wrap-up impression, but for now I’ll say that I scripted, laid out and lettered 24 pages imap mail herunterladen. I pencilled 6.5. I’m okay with that. If (and that’s a big if) I ever try this again, I’ll do something less time-consuming, but at least I’m this much farther ahead on the rest of the year’s strips herunterladen. Good night!

Halfway Point: 24 hour Comics

Well, I certainly thought I would have had another progress report by now, namely one that said “letters complete, moving on to pencils” but that’s still a couple hours away free easter greetings. I just finished lettering page 15 of 24 so at least I’m on the downhill slide of that task, but I can’t believe it’s taking me this long rainbow six siege herunterladen. Still, there’s almost 12 hours left and I’ll be happy to finish the day with a complete set of pencils. If I get any inking done at all, I’ll consider it gravy, icing, hell the whole cake gif facebook! lol

Once Spectrum woke up it was easier to stay awake, felt more like daylight, but at 10 I needed a serious break and took a shower, changed clothes, etc youtube playlist onlineen. Feel somewhat normal, think it’s mostly adrenaline I’m running on. That and baklava. In fact, when Todd returns I’ll be having gyro or something else deliciously Greek for lunch courtesy of the Greek Food Festival that I’m missing right now minecraft free download ipad. Oh well, my commitment to comics comes first?

In Progress: 24 Hour Comics Day

So it’s 5:40am and I just finished scripting. If you notice my proposed timeline below, I’m about an hour behind where I thought I’d be simulation games downloaden. Oh well, at least I haven’t given in to sleep or given up.  It was tougher than I thought, this forced production, very different from how NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy have gone in the past whatsapp videos weihnachten kostenlosen. But that part, probably the 2nd hardest part (the first being the pencilling yet to come) is now complete and I can get on to the visual bits. I’m looking forward to something other than typing for a bit microsoft projectsen.