Month: November 2008

  • Random Appetites: Hangover Cures

    Ah, yes, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Had a little too much fun at a party or just a night with friends at home and you find yourself a little green around the gills the next day. I know I’ve been there, but thankfully it’s a rare visit. Now, most of us know that […]

  • Random Appetites: Drinking Songs

    Continuing along the somewhat reaching path of writing-related food and alcohol (no, I don’t blame you if you didn’t catch the theme), today let’s investigate some songs that center around or are sung while enjoying various libations. Now, it’s totally a coincidence (no, really, it is) that as I compose this post I’m just returning […]

  • Random Appetites: Foodie Movies

    So last week we talked about writers and booze, this week we’ll switch to movies and food! Some of my favorite movies are ones that use food as a central theme. The first that comes to mind is Like Water for Chocolate which, despite the need to “read” the movie (subtitles make it difficult to […]

  • Random Appetites: Literary Libations

    This is the first November in a number of years where I am not struggling for word count each evening or spending every Saturday at one local Library or another hosting write-ins, otherwise known as participating in (and acting as Municipal Liaison for) NaNoWriMo. I must say, the freedom is glorious. Granted, I haven’t abandoned […]