Month: January 2009

  • Random Appetites: Bono’s Barbecue

    Bono’s Put Bar-B-Q Locations in Florida and Colorado The second husband introduced me to Bono’s in Gainesville on one of our trips down to Orlando and I have to say that might just be one of the best things to come out of that marriage 😉 I was told they had the best smoked turkey. […]

  • Random Appetites: Boat Drinks

    And by boat I mean ship. And by ship I mean cruise-ship. That’s right, folks, in case you missed the earlier note I’m on vacation this week, bobbing around the Gulf of Mexico on the Carnival Mircale. Today we were in Belize where I picked up both Ginger and Cashew wines which I’ll have to […]

  • I’m on Vacation!

    Yes, that’s right, I’ve run away and am floating away in the Gulf of Mexico for 8 days, starting right about now. As such, comment approval may be a little bit slow (but don’t stop leaving them, I promise I’ll check in periodically) and next week’s comics might be creatively delivered. I’ll post something, but […]

  • Random Appetites: Have a Cuppa!

    Let us depart the ethanol-tinged waters I usually tread for a more sedate beverage today: tea. It’s chilly this week in Florida and that has me reaching for the kettle and my stash of various teas and tisanes. What’s a tisane? Well, only beverages brewed from tea leaves are tea, the herbal beverages that are […]

  • Random Appetites: Leftovers

    And not just any leftovers, but Champagne leftovers! (or, more often than not, sparkling wine leftovers) I realize some may never have this “problem,” but often a bit of the bubbly goes a long way for me and, in striving for moderation in all things, I’m usually left with at least half the bottle once […]