Act Respecting Collective Agreement Decrees

The main regulations currently in force cover the following trades: the trade unions concerned by the decrees can change regularly. When a decree is adopted, the contracting parties must form a parity committee to monitor and verify compliance with the decree, unless the government orders that a committee already in place or CNESST assumes that responsibility. A parity committee may impose a registration and reporting system on professional employers and levy the amounts necessary to implement the decree, up to 0.5% of workers` wages and 0.5% of the employer`s wage bill. Under a collective agreement law, the government may order that a collective agreement that respects all commercial, industrial, commercial or professional occupations also bind all workers and professional employers in the province of Quebec or a region of Quebec, within the scope of this decree. What is CPA Montreal? CPA Montreal is a non-profit organization mandated under the Law on Compliance with Collective Decrees for the Management and Control of Compliance with the Decree. What is the decree? The decree is a series of regulations under the law that respects decrees in accordance with collective agreements. It is negotiated by the parties and adopted by the quebec provincial government. The aim is to regulate the working conditions and professional qualifications of workers. Can employers deduct an amount of salary for maintaining the uniform if they apply for their use? No no. Employers who require the use of uniforms cannot deduct any amount from employees` wages (Article 13.01 of the decree).

What is cpa funding in Montreal? The tax paid by employers and workers is the main source of income for CPA Montreal. What is the level of the relationship between the apprentice and the company? The report is an apprentice per companion who works for the same employer, in the same occupation, during the same hours and in the same building. Are workers entitled to special leave? Yes, workers can benefit from special leave for bereavement, funerals, marriages and the birth or adoption of children (Article 8.00 of the Decree). What about the decree? The decree provides for minimum working conditions for workers in order to maintain good relations in the sector. It includes clauses relating to occupations, wages, working hours, leave, leave allowances, special leave, notice decisions and the training and qualification process for different occupations. How long does learning take? Apprenticeships last three years and are divided into three levels of one year each (Article 10.01 of the Decree). Apprentices who have obtained their vocational training diploma (DEP) in an appropriate discipline receive credits for apprenticeship places (Article 10.04 of the Decree). Do employers have to inform a worker in writing before dismissing them? Yes, employers must inform a worker in writing before they terminate their contract or establish it for a period of about six months. This is called notice. For more details on the termination, see 2. The regulation is available in Article 12.01 of the Decree. Should employees be paid at the rates specified in the decree? The decree sets minimum hourly wages.

An employer cannot pay lower rates (Article 9.01 of the Decree). Who runs CPA Montreal? The Montreal CPA is managed by a board of directors made up of an equal number of union and employer representatives (Article 1.02 of the Decree). Are the competency cards issued by other CPAs still valid? Yes, but employees must visit the CPA office in their new area to obtain an equivalent card (transfer form). This text has no legal value. Please always respect the decree. Is it true that homeowners don`t need to get a competency card? No no. Only the trade exercised determines whether a competency card is necessary.

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