Uniform Administrative Requirements For Grants And Agreements

The payment of royalties or profits is consistent with an activity whose primary purpose is the acquisition of goods and services for the direct benefit or use of the U.S. government, and not with an activity whose primary objective is the financial support of the federal government to a beneficiary for the achievement of a public purpose. Therefore, the Grants Officer uses a purchase contract instead of a grant or cooperation contract in all cases where the recipient of the instrument or instrument a fee or profit must be paid to run a program in which fees or profits are required to achieve the objectives of the program. Subsidies and cooperation agreements do not provide fees or benefits to the recipient. (c) (1) As a general rule, research with foreign organizations is not carried out by grants or cooperation agreements, but on the basis of non-exchange of funds. In these cases, NASA enters into agreements on international scientific cooperation projects. NASA`s policy of conducting research with foreign organizations without exchange of funds is described in NASA`s NFS Supplement at 48 CFR 1835.016-70 and 1835.016-72. In rare cases, NASA may enter into an international agreement under which funds are transferred to a foreign beneficiary. Under the authority of the Chiles Act, 31 U.S.C 6301 to 6308, NASA has decided to transfer ownership of material personal property acquired with federal funds to non-profit higher education organizations and non-profit organizations whose primary objective is to conduct scientific research without any other obligation to NASA. , including reporting obligations. Recipients who are not not-for-profit universities or non-profit organizations whose primary objective is to conduct scientific research must comply with provisions 2 CFR 200.312 to 200.316. Historically, Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are institutions designated by the Minister of Education to meet and include the requirements of 34 CFR 608.2. Uniform guidelines (2 CFR No.

200) streamlining and consolidating the government`s requirements for receiving and using federal premiums to reduce administrative burdens and improve results.

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