Wapa License Agreement

Once the facility study is complete, WAPA will tender to the applicant company for a 30-day construction contract to sign the contracts and return them to WAPA and make advances. WAPA cannot continue without funding. WAPA designs the link unless agreed otherwise by wapa and the requesting agency. Wapa will also carry out all constructions, unless waPA and the applicant entity agree otherwise. Within 30 days of receiving the results of the system impact assessment, a company that requests both the liaison service and the transmission service can request the conclusion of an expedited service contract. This agreement sets out requirements for advance compensation. The accelerated service contract includes a contractual agreement for the full interconnection process, from installation study to operation and maintenance, including transmission service. Step 7: verification and testing, interconnection agreement and energy reservoir within 30 days of receiving the interconnection request, WAPA will enter into an agreement on system impact assessments, in which the applicant entity agrees to advance WAPA funds to conduct the study. The applicant entity must sign the agreement within 15 days and return it to WAPA, or the application is deemed withdrawn. If it turns out that the facilities meet the WAPA criteria, we will issue a connection agreement to the liaison unit. The interconnection agreement – also referred to in certain regions as reciprocal services, operations and maintenance, control area or consolidated agreement – provides for the long-term operation and maintenance of interconnected facilities.

It usually includes sections on licensing, maintenance, operations, special instructions and financing. If WAPA and the liaison unit benefit, the interconnection agreement may be tendered at the same time as the old construction contract. After the environmental process, negotiations on the necessary land rights begin. Negotiations should be completed and land rights should be preserved before work begins. Companies applying for the application should prefer the funds earmarked for the WAPA in order to carry out the necessary agricultural activities. Unless wapa and the applicant company agree otherwise, WAPA will carry out all land acquisition activities. If the environmental assessment reveals that the interconnection does not meet the federal environmental criteria, wapa rejects the application or cooperates with the applicant entity to revise aspects of the interconnection application to meet the environmental criteria.

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