Amazon Web Services Reseller Agreement

Notifications made by personal delivery take effect immediately. Notifications provided by the night courier take effect one business day after shipment. Notifications provided by registered or registered letter take effect three working days after they are sent. (g) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms, the following terms apply when aws-Werbegut program benefits (“Ad Credits” for VAC Regions) are included: Aws China Service Operator and Provider (Beijing Region) makes sense, and LTS China Service Provider and Provider (Ningxia Region) is NWCD. ACTS may submit a proposal to Sinnet and NWCD regarding the benefits in the form of advertising credits that may apply to you, but the final decision on these benefits is made by Sinnet and NWCD. Ad credits for AWS China-Regions are issued by Sinnet and NWCD and are subject to the AWS Ad Credit Terms and Conditions of Sale in (and any successor or related sites designated by Sinnet or NWCD) which may be updated from time to time by Sinnet or NWCD. These are the terms and conditions to which customers are bound under the AWS VAR Reseller Program. This document may also be referred to as “consent to assignment”. (b) “Customer Agreement” means the AISPL Customer Agreement or any other agreement that regulates your use of our services….

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