Coles Meat Agreement

This victory is an unequivocal confirmation of the power of the union workers who are committed to stand up and fight for what is right. It was a bitter struggle that lasted for many years, but thanks to the efforts of AMIEU, this dangerous attack on meat workers – and all retail workers – was repulsed. Together with Coles` young collaborator, Duncan Hart, AMIEU managed to convince the Fair Work Commission to issue a Full Bench judgment clearly showing how Coles workers would be worse placed under the new agreement. Coles refused to renegotiate the arrangement and, as a result, it was rejected – a massive gain for the workers. Documents seen by AMIEU show coles is now preparing to review its national list of meat workers and calculate the amount owed – a total reversal by the company, which previously insisted that “no employees were in poor condition” in accordance with its agreement with the SDA. Thanks to amieu`s tireless efforts, May 31, 2016 officially ended the dubious agreement between the SDA union and Coles, who loves the company. This deal reportedly scammed Cole`s meat workers up to $15,000 a year after the SDA entered AMIEU territory and agreed to help Coles by reducing interest and penalty terms. All employers should now take note of the Fair Work Commission`s decision, which sets a precedent for anyone attempting the same sordid and sneaky tactic — a tactic that, according to fairfax media, saves McDonalds $50 million in wages a year. Tens of thousands of young Coles employees, especially those working on high penalty positions that no one else wants, such as nights and weekends, are now receiving the large sums of extra payments they would have earned if Coles and the SDA had not worked together to withdraw them. We applaud Duncan Hart for opposing this sneaky strategy (against his own union!) and we are very proud to have helped him deliver the fatal blow. In a statement to its members, which laid out the decision, the SDA condemned Coles for his reluctance to improve the current deal, while still refusing to acknowledge how bad his deal was. All the SDA was willing to admit was that “some workers” who work reasonably priced jobs could be “disadvantaged” – far from the results of the Fair Work Commission, which used its own SDA calculations to show that workers would lose thousands. The SDA has similar and comfortable business at McDonalds and Woolworths, both of which have the same strategy of deceiving workers by slightly raising their base rate, but reducing their penalty interest.

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