Deposit Agreement Irish Water

The owner of an apartment with residents is now required to communicate to Irish Water the names of the persons with whom he has entered into an agreement and the start date of the agreement. If Irish Water is notified within 20 working days of the start of the contract, the owner is not responsible for water pricing during this period. Minister Kelly said: “Everyone here needs to be treated equally. We cannot have a situation where some people pay their water taxes while others simply refuse to pay. These measures aim to ensure fairness in the application of water charges and will complement the Civil Debt Act, which will significantly reform the way all civil debts are handled in Ireland and move away from a procedure that is currently excessively bureaucratic. The Ministry of Environment will strengthen the regulatory system for the payment of water charges through measures that do not involve legal proceedings. Irish Water has the legal right to levy charges for water services. If a property is occupied by a tenant and that tenant has not registered with Irish Water, the landlord can only give the tenant`s name to Irish Water upon request. It is in Irish Water`s legitimate interest to know the identity of the person responsible for paying the water charges. Water Charges – Legal Basis The Act allows Irish Water to levy charges for water services: – S21 (1) “lrish Water charges each customer for the provision of water services by him” – 321 (3) “A tax according to this section shall be paid at the request of the customer – S21 (4) “If a customer does not pay a fee under this section, it must be perceived by Irish Water as a mere contractual debt before each competent court” r the use of water services 21. (1) Subject to subsection (6), Irish Water shall charge each customer for the provision of water services by the customer. 2. The amount of a fee referred to in paragraph 1 shall be calculated by Irish Water in accordance with the approved water pricing plan or an approved agreement.

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