Four Agreements Podcast

Miguel: Of course. Before, I was a doctor. I used to practice surgery. I have always operated with one of my brothers, who is a neurosurgeon. In a while, I discovered that it wasn`t enough for me not to understand the human body because I had a bigger challenge. I really want to understand the human mind, because I see that almost every problem, of someone, really comes from the human mind. I see science and technology developing very strongly, and they are evolving very, very quickly, but psychology is lagging behind. In short, I decide to stop being a doctor. I went back to my mother`s house and got her wisdom, and maybe I`ll do 10 years with her. [Inaudible 00:02:43] have an apprentice. I take people everywhere, to [inaudible 00:02:47], really what is my place of teaching. I took her to Machu Picchu, Egypt, Greece, many places. All of this is because I really want to understand how the human mind works, and the result of all these studies was the four chords, because the challenge is not to go to everyone and describe what psychology is, to say, “It`s ego, over-me.” At the beginning of the new year, we talk about mutual aid with the bestseller the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Fitness guru and author Alec Penix joins us for this discussion Of The Stacks Book Club. The book outlines four pillars that must be followed to lead a happier and freer life. There are no spoilers today, so join this conversation about personal growth and self-love. Peter: It`s beautiful. Katie Byron, who is also on this podcast, talks about her four questions, and her second question is, “How do I know it`s true?” And that seems to be a very relevant question. When you say “I`m ugly” or “I`m weak.” It`s true? You might even say, “Yes, I probably think it`s true” because you`ve been convinced. You have been domesticated. This is your belief system.

Ask, “How do I know this is true?” Help yourself challenge this next hypothesis. You can recognize this name because he is the author of one of the most influential spirituality books of our time. I sit down with Don Miguel to discuss how we can transform these four chords into our way of life, from our bullied children to more and what`s really important in life.

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