Quebec Cree Governance Agreement

Fourth, the Governance Agreement will provide the Cree First Nations with much-needed stability and security, as it sets out financial agreements with Canada on governance in Category A areas from now until 2040. With this predictability, Cree First Nations can plan for the long term for the first time. This governance agreement defines the authority of Cree First Nations to enact laws (rather than statutes) on a wide range of local governance issues in areas under Cree A under federal jurisdiction, including environmental protection, public order and security, land and resource use and planning. The agreement also defines the power of the Cree Nation government to enact laws on regional governance issues in areas of the Cree IA category, for example with respect to standards for basic sanitary facilities and fire protection. The James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement expresses Cree`s intrinsic right to self-management and provides important support to the modern Cree Nation government. He created a partnership between the Crees, Quebec and Canada in the management and development of Eeyou Istchee. When I think back to the last 40 years of Cree`s struggles and the agreements that arose from that long struggle, I see that. What is truly remarkable is that we have followed a very special path to rebuild our original sovereignty. Since the James Bay Accord, the Cree of Eeyou Istchee have signed approximately 80 major agreements with Canada, Quebec and industry. These include milestones such as the Peace of the Braves, which Grand Chief Ted Moses concluded with Quebec in 2002, Grand Chief Matthew Mukash`s New Relationship Agreement with Canada in 2008, and the Cree-Québec Governance Agreement, which I had the honour of signing with Quebec Premier Jean Charest in 2012. “The Cree Nation Governance Agreement signed today recognizes the Cree Nation Government and First Nations as mature and accountable governments. He is continuing the work to implement the self-management created as part of our contract, the James Bay and Northern Quebec agreement.

It will provide Cree First Nations and the De Cree Nation government with greater autonomy in the management of Class IA areas. It marks further progress in building the De Cree Nation and in our relationship between nations and Canada. Second, the Governance Agreement and the Cree Constitution remove federal oversight of creative governance in areas of category AI. We will no longer adopt statutes, but laws, like any normal government. We will no longer submit our laws to the minister for review and approval. It will be up to us, and only us, to decide which laws govern us. As a mature government, this is a responsibility we are more than willing to assume. .

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