• I Got a Monster in the Mail!

    And not just any monster, a purple monster. And not just any purple monster, this monster represents the achievement of a Big Hairy Audacious Goal! I received BHAG (or Mr BHAGgy, as I like to call him) from Nicole Fende, the Numbers Whisperer, a friend and client of mine, for finishing the Big Project: What […]

  • Finally Finding My Place

    Post-Con Report | Ancient City Con, Jacksonville, Florida This article first appeared in the August, 2012, issue of Self Publisher! Magazine. ——————– My first 3 years of tabling at comics conventions were grim. High hopes going in, stark reality waiting back at home. Low sales showing me that I just wasn’t reaching the right audience. […]

  • Epic Adventures Across the Pond

    An Interview with Amy Letts, by Jennifer “Scraps” Walker that first appeared in the August, 2012, issue of Self Publisher! Magazine. With the advent of webcomics, the barriers to entry to self-publish a comic came down to just one question: do you have access to the Internet? Some see this as watering down the industry, […]

  • Back in the Comics Saddle

    You have been checking up on Cocktail Hour and Where the Geeks Are, right? At Cocktail Hour we’ve picked back up the story of Todd and I moving in together and this month we’ll see some of the unexpected challenges that came with that first house together (ooh, foreshadowing!). While over at Geeks we’ve wrapped […]

  • The Lost Year

    Safe to say Year 4 (it is year 4, isn’t it? or, rather, wasn’t it…) will be known as the Lost Year in Random Acts history. As is, some time later, years later, those who know will look back and say “Oh, yeah, that’s the year Scraps decided to write/draw a cookbook. Good thing that’s […]

  • 525,600 Minutes*

    Wow… A year, already? So much has happened in the last 12 months and, yet, sometimes it feels like it’s only been a few weeks–not 52! I like lists and numbers, so let’s put this year in perspective: 1 trip to Nebraska 2 batches of Limoncello 3 Conventions (MegaCon, MobiCon, and UP!Fair) 4 Character Cocktails […]

  • Breaking News! Hiatus Effective Immediately

    While that does sum it up, let me explain: I have this project I’ve been chipping away at, maybe you’ve heard of it? What to Feed Your Raiding Party–ring a bell? I’ve been throwing bits and pieces of time at it for 5 months and it’s nowhere near finished. And those bits and pieces of […]

  • MobiCon Wrap-Up

    So, we’re back from our 2nd con of the year and I must say I think I prefer the smaller cons like MobiCon to the major media cons like MegaCon. The smaller the con, the smaller the dealer’s room, the more chances of repeat visitors, the more opportunity to have conversations with random con-goers and, […]

  • 50 Shots of America–Louisiana

    матрациYes, I know, I’m skipping over 4 states in the whole date-of-statehood-order but I have a really good reason: First, today is my birthday and if you can’t bend (your own) rules on your birthday, what’s the point? Second… Find out the rest of the story over at Sips & Shots!

  • For the Love of Fondant… or Not!

    I am not a big fan of fondant. Just thought I should get that out in the open right off the bat. It’s a pain to work with, leaves much to be desired on the taste front and it’s just not my preferred medium when it comes to cakes. On the other hand… Read some […]

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