Back to the Comic!


Look, I know I said it’d be a few months, then it became a year and, now, two. Obviously I didn’t have a clue what getting that book put together would entail herunterladen. Well, I’ve got one now, mainly because it’s finally finished, in print, in people’s hands, and even in my local comics shop.

Whew ego shooter games kostenlos downloaden!

Which means, simply put, that now I can get back to making the comics that started me on the path to the book in the first place!

With one small change herunterladen.

See, for years I’ve had a mirror to this site over on beluga herunterladen. Now, however, is going to be the home of Cocktail Hour, and Random Acts Comics, here, will be the hub for the various comics projects going forward alle emails downloaden outlook. All of the existing archives will be here (no sense screwing with the links already formed, right?) but all new Cocktail Hour strips will be found at power dvden gratis.

Think I’ve said that enough?

Where the Geeks Are is coming back, too, a fact that a handful of the faithful will be happy to hear (judging by the ‘are you ever coming back’ type of comics I’d get from time to time) herunterladen. And if you hop over to tomorrow you’ll see they got their own “we’re back” treatment minecraft spiele kostenlos herunterladen. will also be where I post comics business related stuff–so if you’re interested in the occasional behind-the-scenes, peek-behind-the-curtain information, this is where you’ll be able to find it hintergrund kostenlos herunterladen.

For those of you who still have me in your RSS feed subscriptions, bless you. Thanks for hanging in there and believing (rightfully so!) that I’d be back lange videos herunterladen youtube.

Location, Location, Location

One good thing about no realtor on house #1–you don’t have to pretend you like it! There were some good points (a large kitchen was not one of them) but we weren’t in love with it zoom aufnahme downloaden.

The second house really was the best, location-wise. It was moments away from downtown, shopping and entertainment and character can be a very good thing in the right house sunny explorer downloaden. The kitchen was kinda wonky though, and very cramped, and the toilet sitting in the middle of the bedroom certainly didn’t help matters.

House #3 we wanted to like hintergrundbilder 3d kostenlos downloaden. It, too, was close to a lot of things we wouldn’t mind being close to but the backyard was practically non-existent (the patio had a half-wall to keep you from falling down a short cliff) and it was tough to get a reading on a place when it’s so old app versions download android. very. messy. And that driveway was scary. The landlord was a cool guy, though, so it’s tough that it just wasn’t going to be a good place for us die 15 beliebtesten kartenspiele kostenlosen.

Nothing Like Patience

The other title in the running was “Peeping Todd” but I didn’t want folks to get the wrong idea.

So. No, I do not possess patience (must have been handed out in the same line as sense of direction) nor am I terribly interested in learning it lustige videos zum downloaden free. I did try my best to be fair and wait until he had a chance to see it before I told him how much I liked it and thought it was meant for us and all that, but, well, there’s that patience thing 3ds spiele kostenlos downloaden deutsch. And he’s awfully indulgent of me.

Oh, and yes, I do have a bar cart that was a Christmas present from my Mom several years ago so having a place to set up the bar (which has far exceeded the little cart I started with) is sort of important jump force herunterladen. Where else would I mix my weekly cocktail?

That First House

Oh, sure, there were other important things: it was in our price range, had 3 bedrooms plus the enclosed garage, 2 full baths, w/d included and was plenty big enough for us fortnite downloaden op computer. It was just old (built in the 70s) and it showed. And the previous tennants? Moved out in a hurry, barely priming the walls. You could see painted handprints on the back of the front door, swirls and dots and all sorts of other inventive paint techniques in the other bedrooms download birthday sayings for free. It had those horrid sliding closet doors that remind me of cheap mobile homes… it wasn’t love at first sight.

But when I saw the wine-label wallpaper border it did it for me need for speed underground 2. It was my house. Only it wasn’t just for me, now, was it?

Narrowing the Field

I am not kidding when I say that one guy I called had just taken a deposit 2 hours earlier. And it was a huge house for not much rent. So much disappointment was there magenta sport app. Fail.

For those just joining us, Todd and I have been living together for a year now (go us!) so this part of the story actually took place a year and a few months ago was heißt herunterladen auf englisch. Part of the “delay” is that I like to be able to really look back at a situation and know how it’ll turn out before I start telling it here instagram daten herunterladen was ist das. For instance, we’d been dating for almost a year before I told the story of how we met and another year before I told about our continued relationship and Todd moving to town software youtube videos downloaden. I suppose I should be glad that I didn’t wait til September to start this story, too! I just figured Year 4 would be good for telling our house and related stories classic solitaire kostenlosen.

After all, everything is an adventure!

* * *

Hey, guys! I’m in Mobile, Alabama, for MobiCon this weekend, May 14-16, so if you’ll be at the Con or in the area, please stop by and say hi problems met ios 12! I always love meeting my readers!

* * *

Also! Until the end of the month I’m hosting a giveaway as a guest blogger for Circle of Food subway herunterladen. I’m giving away 2 signed copies if What’s New, Cupcake?, all you have to do is follow the comment directions at the end of my Creative Cupcakes post (it’s simple, I promise!!!)

the Hunt Begins

So, it’s the first comic of year 4 (!!!) and I’m starting the story of how Todd and I managed to move in together, cohabitate, and live to tell the tale igo kartenupdates downloaden und installieren.pdf.

And, as it seems to happen so often when the new comic year rolls around, I’m experimenting a little. I really liked the informal, sort of organic page style I’d been using for the pages last month so I’m planning to continue it for the time being spiele für pc kostenlos herunterladen. Not all updates will be quite this text heavy, it’ll just depend on what the page needs.

I’m also taking a page from Nell Brinkley’s book (figuratively speaking, of course) Free games download block puzzle. Todd got it for me for Christmas and not only did I discover she does the double-line style that I stumbled across on my own several years ago (a true coincidence, that one) but her weekly cartoons were composed of a main illustration and vignettes interspersed with text, often in verse and frequently numbered to guide the reader google maps maps download iphone. It’s just a different way to do things and I think it suits the particular story I’m trying to tell better than a strict panel-guided style windows 10 home 64 bit.

We’ll see.

Next week: more of the search.

Helper Monkey Manifesto

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Are you a helper monkey?

Many years ago in a chat room I volunteered to help on a project and someone referred to me as a minion. Man, I hate that word herunterladen. I decided I was well-above minion status and decided the mantle of helper monkey fit much better.

Finishing out Year 3 (hey, we made it!) with a bit of fun fluidsim for free german. And ink, too, though I may live to regret that tomorrow!

Balls in the Air

Apparently this month we’re doing visual therapy at Cocktail Hour–that seems more appropriate than I first thought, actually.

At any rate, I know it’s doesn’t have to be an all or nothing sort of thing, but it’s how I’ve generally operated rtmpe videos von southpark.deen. When it was food, it was food all the time, I had goals, I met them (a little too easily at times) and then it was done. Move on. And even though I loved what I had been doing I still had that burned-out, step away from the cooking feeling for a few years bücher für ipad kostenlos downloaden. I don’t want to repeat that.

So, when I started webcomics I was also writing about crafts and it was good–2 different outlets that kept me very busy yet satisfied downloaden aus youtube. The writing contract ends: joy, I can spend more time on my comics projects. Move something from someday to now. Only, well, I found myself not 100% satisfied, so the food and cocktail blogs wanted to stretch out and the personal blog (long untouched) became a creativity blog einhorn bilder kostenlos herunterladen. Plus there was the newish project: the cookbook.

And then it was too much.

But, still, I had for a few months the feeling that I was doing it all, and I’m not willing to go back to being only partially fulfilled herunterladen. Thus the dilemma. How many balls is too many? Do I shift certain projects? Should some on-going projects have an end-goal? These are the questions I’m asking myself this month and however long it takes kostenlos herunterladen.

Granted, the last week or so when I was doing what I wanted when I felt like it was kinda nice. No pressure. Sure, it would be nice if my hands weren’t mean and I could ink the strips, too, but that’s icing free music legal. The thoughts are getting out there. A lot did get done, some didn’t, but it’s all still there, waiting for it’s turn. Maybe that’s the way to treat it, I don’t know yet windows server 2016 updates herunterladen. I do know the physical decluttering is going nicely, too–3 bags of miscellaneous stuff have left the Abyss and a third bookcase to organize what’s staying (still not finished decluttering, but it’s a start) will be purchased in the next week or two must download.

All that to say: it’s coming together, I’m figuring it out, thanks for being patient and sticking around 🙂


puzzle zumen

(sorry for the pencils, my hands are giving me some problems but I wanted to get this out of my head and onto the page)

Even though you know–whether a blogger or cartoonist–that there’s an awfully good chance that what you create, what you post, may not be seen by anyone films download disney+. But, still, you hope you can make a connection, that someone out there will see it, read it, watch it and, if you’re really lucky, respond.

Because art, in whatever form it takes, should be a conversation battlefront 2 kostenlos downloaden.

Are you interested in having a chat?

Bump in the Night

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Sometimes it’s just too quiet and, when alone, it’s easy to psych yourself out.

Yes, I’ve done this more than once. No, I didn’t do it every night filme netflix herunterladen pc. Thank goodness! I do have some obsessive-compulsive tendencies but I’m not really OCD because I can usually catch myself and work out of it. But once I start the wonder if there’s something in the shadows, I can’t sleep until I’ve checked ever hidden inch of my 1000 square-foot apartment gta 3 android kostenlos herunterladen.

Even under the bed.