The Case of the Instant Chandelier


We still don’t know why my light fixture decided to descend that night. Or why it took them 3 visits to get it to stay in place!

I’m a worrier, though (just in case that wasn’t apparent) and my fear was that the weight would be too much for the two wires holding the fixture in midair and I’d end up trapped in my bedroom because of the live wires would be doing that scary zappy thing they do in movies icloud fotos herunterladen qualität. But without knowing which fuse/breaker went to what, I didn’t want to shut off other things I’d need, so I stacked enough stuff under it to get me through the night without being zapped on my way to the bathroom and tried not to worry too much tipp 10 herunterladen kostenlos.

What a Drip!


Anyone who’s had upstairs roommates can, I’m sure, relate–my biggest fear most days was that they would screw something up royally and all MY stuff would be trashed ios 12en op ipad. Sure, it’s just stuff. But it’s MY stuff.

Don’t forget, if you’re in the Orlando are this weekend, come by the Convention Center for MegaCon and say hi gratis antivirus scanner! Artist Alley, Yellow Section, Table #8 (listed as Jennifer “Scraps” Walker).

A Room By Any Other Name


Would be just as messy!

What can I say? Aside from a clean desk is the sign of a cluttered mind? Maybe?

At any rate, this month I’ve got a few stories to tell about my old apartment Sunday view. You see, I’ve moved and before I can tell the stories of the new place I think it’s only fair to give my home for nearly 4 years it’s due google downloaden downloads.

Wrath of Con ’09 Part 2

Why, yes, I am a dork!

Y’all, in all seriousness? THIS was the highlight of the Con for me. For all the cons, probably. It’s one thing (and a wonderful thing, at that!) to have my friends and friends of friends reading my comics and telling me they like them wie kann man alle spiele herunterladen. It’s a WHOLE NOTHER THING to have a perfect stranger walk up and say they know my work and that it made them laugh.

Dude. That’s what this is totally all about ist musiken legal.

I really need to start writing down folk’s names when I talk to them at shows (note to self) AND taking pictures of fans/customers at the table (another note to self) herunterladen. I apologize for not remembering your name, nice lady! I remember you talking about being an Eisner judge some previous year and I remember those absolutely ADORABLE handmade book earrings that you had me sign gta 5 cars download ps4. I am still very tempted to make myself some, just to see how much of a pain I’ll bet it is, lol!

PS-Sunday’s panel was a no-go as well downloaden einstellung. The con was, unfortunately, not very well attended this year and, well, it doesn’t look like there’s gonna even be a WoC 2010.

Wrath of Con 09-Part 1

Okay, I should probably say (public service-like) that’s is generally not the best idea to accept a drink from a stranger, especially if they won’t tell you what’s in it herunterladen. However, we’re talking one of those huge, field-capacity sports drink containers that everyone, including the offerer, was drinking from so I felt fairly safe from a Jim Jones wanna-be audio von video herunterladen.

And it wasn’t Otter Pops. Which, for those who don’t know, were (are?) a brand of freezer pops that had cute otters with descriptive names printed on the plastic tubes gehackte spiele downloaden ios. Originally I was going to have to go to a Dragon*Con party to meet the 2-party minimum to find out the secret ingredient but I can be pretty persistent (and he might have gotten drunk) and I got the real answer firefox download 64 bit. But I’m not telling. Just that Jolly Ranchers were the closest guess I made.

MegaCon 2009


Feel free to laugh uproariously at my awkwardness.

I’ve never been the fan-girl type for anything so I was incredibly shocked when I found myself so profoundly embarrassed I literally could not look her in the eye dexcom g6 app herunterladen! I can only imagine how it must have looked from her position, lol.

She, of course, was gracious and, since the hall hadn’t opened to guest, asked where my table was and was very complimentary of the layout of the table minecraft ps3 mods kostenlosen. I suppose that semester spent interning at the Civic Center with a trio of event planners paid off!


Con Prep 2009

You’d think, working in the printing industry for the past 15 years I’d know enough to expect these sorts of things! But you’d (and I’d) think wrong fortnite downloaden ps4. I mean, sure, I avoided a LOT of first-timer mistakes that we see new designers struggle with (sometimes for ages) but I still managed to fall into some technical dodginess on my own microsoft word download chip free full version.

And, before it reads wrong, my print connection is AWESOME but their workflow requires placing the pages in the pdf themselves rather than using my pre-made ones z0r. Which, I might add, worked fine on 3 different computers running 3 different operating systems (Vista, WinXP and OS X) but somehow, in transit, ended up with some extra artifacts over the entire text font yu-gi-oh kostenlos herunterladen. But, hey, that’s when you find out there are free conversion programs that’ll take 80 pdfs and make 80 tif files from them and get you back on track filme umsonst herunterladen.

Now, of course, I’m in the exact same boat with being behind on Year 2, only with no cruise in sight! Granted, MegaCon isn’t until March, this year, so there’s still time for me to pull it out 🙂

Don’t forget, you can order the Year 1 book and any of the available merchandise through my ecrater store movies at arte!

Doctor, Doctor 22

Not that I was going to willfully disobey to good doctor, I just wasn’t going to ever go back to Sommerset if I could avoid it! Instead, I got a new gastro and he’s much better at pretty much everything pc games kostenlosen. Plus I was a bit more concerned about the whole lung issue. After all, I am the queen of bronchitis and was concerned this might have something to do with it painting book for free.

I’ve always known everything was connected, body-wise, but even I didn’t think of my liver having much of anything to do with my lungs epson drucker software herunterladen!

After seeing my pulmonologist (the same one I saw before the sleep apnea surgery) and had more blood-work done to see exactly what level of deficiency I was dealing with and a PFT to make sure I’d sustained no lung damage (I hadn’t, yay!) we’re just monitoring things pc spiel kostenlos downloaden. Apparently, if I were a smoker or around smokers a lot I could easily have emphysema by now (or COPD, etc) because the A1AT is what keeps the white blood cells from over-cleaning the lungs after illness or exposure to smoke, etc., causing loss of elasticity and a whole heap of other things microsoft publisher kostenlos deutsch. I have so little of it available to my lungs because my liver is producing it but keeping hold of it. This puts me at a higher risk of cirrhosis and other fun stuff like that, so that’s what the gastro is monitoring ccleaner kostenlos herunterladen.

Doctor, Doctor 21

Sneaky, sneaky–but at least I didn’t have to use a bedpan! *shudder*

By the following morning I’d gotten better at being able to unhook and rehook myself (though the compression things were tough since I couldn’t bend real well) herunterladen. Good thing, because just as I’d get comfortable and start to fall asleep, I’d have to get up again. It wasn’t what you’d call a restful night herunterladen.

On the up side, had I not been in the hospital overnight, therefore not being on an IV or being checked on by nurses, I might have ended up back in the hospital before too long perigon herunterladen. Apparently it’s very easy to get pneumonia while recuperating from surgery (something about the anesthesia and lying prone for so long, etc.) and during the course of the night I spiked a fever and they MADE me get up and walk around the halls to try and keep fluid from settling in my lungs (as well as work out the irritation to my diaphragm) suunto daten herunterladen. Plus there was this breathing thing I had to do–sorta like a game where you had to make the ball stay in this one area while you inhale and exhale herunterladen. I hated doing it (because it hurt to breathe deeply) but I kept trying. It took most of a week before I could sustain it (and the rattle to go away when I breathed) apps without a google account. Now I know what they meant by “death rattle” in all those period books!

Doctor, Doctor 20


I still find this absolutely giggle-worthy and, yet, still trust my surgeon completely. This really did happen though I had to improvise the dialogue (being lights-out makes it tough to remember what was said, no?) herunterladen.

Apparently my gall bladder was just lousy with stones, so much so that they were surprised I hadn’t had more trouble leading up to the diagnosis dahoam is dahoam herunterladen. At any rate, first they had to stabilize my BP, then the little sleeve thingy (v.technical medical term) that they put around the gall bladder didn’t want to cooperate (I could have warned them, I guess, I’ve always been a tough fit) and even when it did, the main incision wasn’t big enough to get the packaged bits out movies germany. Even with it enlarged (any more and they really would have had to do a full open incision–v.glad they did not!) it was tough going and then, THEN, the little buggers started spilling out all over the place pflanzen bilder kostenlos downloaden. Dr. L said it was more stones than she’d seen in any one person–guessing 300 or so.


Dude, I had Sparta in my mid-section, and they aren’t known for giving up without a fight kostenlose bewerbung herunterladen.