Back to the Comic!


Look, I know I said it’d be a few months, then it became a year and, now, two. Obviously I didn’t have a clue what getting that book put together would entail herunterladen. Well, I’ve got one now, mainly because it’s finally finished, in print, in people’s hands, and even in my local comics shop.

Whew ego shooter games kostenlos downloaden!

Which means, simply put, that now I can get back to making the comics that started me on the path to the book in the first place!

With one small change herunterladen.

See, for years I’ve had a mirror to this site over on beluga herunterladen. Now, however, is going to be the home of Cocktail Hour, and Random Acts Comics, here, will be the hub for the various comics projects going forward alle emails downloaden outlook. All of the existing archives will be here (no sense screwing with the links already formed, right?) but all new Cocktail Hour strips will be found at power dvden gratis.

Think I’ve said that enough?

Where the Geeks Are is coming back, too, a fact that a handful of the faithful will be happy to hear (judging by the ‘are you ever coming back’ type of comics I’d get from time to time) herunterladen. And if you hop over to tomorrow you’ll see they got their own “we’re back” treatment minecraft spiele kostenlos herunterladen. will also be where I post comics business related stuff–so if you’re interested in the occasional behind-the-scenes, peek-behind-the-curtain information, this is where you’ll be able to find it hintergrund kostenlos herunterladen.

For those of you who still have me in your RSS feed subscriptions, bless you. Thanks for hanging in there and believing (rightfully so!) that I’d be back lange videos herunterladen youtube.