Bios: 006- [An]Drew

He should be happy I didn’t spill some of his childhood nick-names. Grandparents can be so cruel…

* * *

One more week of bios and then on with the R4ND0M reality wie kann ich mir filmeen. I decided the other day that the big deviation that I’ve been planning really shouldn’t intrude on the main ‘story’ I’ve got going on altdeutsche schrift zum downloaden. SO! Instead of having reality breaks from time to time, I’m actually going to plan a whole separate continuity and, each time I get a story arc done, they will show up page by page as a Sunday feature doc downloaden. This will give me a bit more latitude in what I can actually do with that story-line as well as give me time to properly develop it without the stalling that’s been going on scribus für mac herunterladen. Don’t worry, I’ll be announcing the beginning of the Sunday Series before it happens, and it won’t be for a while right now.

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