Doctor, Doctor 6

That little wobble is called a PVC–premature ventricular contraction–and I knew what it  was but not why it was. See, back when I was 21 I had the unfortunate chance to meet a PVC when a combination of otc snore-stop meds, sudaphed and a diabetes-safe meal replacement shake (I’m hypoglycemic; similar guidelines but we don’t rate our own line of products) caused some funky stimulant levels and caused me to have this weird feeling in my chest minecraft vollversion kostenlos downloaden windows 10. It feels similar to that heart-in-throat feeling you get when you’re at the top of the roller coaster and in that moment before you plunge downward and you’re thinking to yourself (or aloud) ‘why in the hell am I up here?’ That and sorta like your heart has the hiccups dinosaur games pc free download.

Since stimulants had been the culprit before, when I experienced them again the previous December after a particularly strong latte, I figured it would be a good idea to lay off the caffiene in total (I already switched to taking HPB-safe cold meds ages ago as a precaution) so I knew that wasn’t it herunterladen. But, very unlike me, I didn’t rush immediately to the doctor when the PVCs (or PACs–atrial–later attempts at getting a ecg proved fruitless) didn’t stop after a few days because it was the week before my 30th birthday and I was getting ready for an SCA event that Saturday and a big party at my apartment for Sunday and, well, I didn’t want the potential badness of a heart issue overshadowing the fun of the weekend steam updates manuell downloaden. I knew that PVCs aren’t immediately dangerous but, at the same time, they do mean something is wrong–and if you haven’t figured out by now: I really like to know WHY something is happening trash basket for free.

More next week 🙂

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