Following in his footsteps (d)

erweitertes authentifizierungs-plug-in herunterladen

Seriously, the strange vendor said exactly that. I’m tellin’ y’all, I don’t have to make this stuff up!

They decided to only go as far and the second landing, two-thirds of the way up, and strut their victory poses zula herunterladen. I realize it might be a bit hard to tell, but Mom isn’t bowing in panel 3, she’s leaning over catching her breath.

Though I’ve made predictions before, I really mean it when I say we have three more weeks of this family vacation story-line weihnachtsvideos 2019 für whatsapp herunterladen. Then it will be back to random happenings around me, family not as heavily involved, before the Major Deviation (tMD) that’s coming up. In which reality will be suspended a bit, but all in the name of fun and exercising my warped sense of ‘what if?’ Random Acts… will stay reality based once the first bit of tMD is out of my system and then it will switch off as reality gets boring or I get an idea I just have to share, whichever happens more often 😉

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