I Must Have Boxed My Brain

I tell you what, I shoved that wheeled cart into place so many freaking times and then the Bard walks up and turns it on it’s head like it was nothing solitaire for mac for free.

See, Jen’s ex-bf/roommate found a new place so to save on rent, etc. she hatched a plan to move all her worldly possessions into the “spare” room of the place she’d be subletting in only a few weeks, once the friend that lived there passed the Bar and got a job up near his wife in N.Georgia prime videos on laptop. That was the end of LAST September. Jen just finished moving all her stuff to her parents place a week or two ago because the subletting didn’t happen and lots of other Life did creative destruction herunterladen pc. But it’s all good and all working out, and that’s what counts, right?