Mixology 101 (a)

It should be noted that in real-time, these next 4 strips actually happened on Christmas Eve, before the Cranium game (RA9) but I forgot about this little gem and decided to stick it in now.

That little gadget is from Brookstone and is awesome but seems to be discontinued. This one seems like a good stand-in but it doesn’t come with the single- and double-jigger measures attached. Bummer. And Aunt? Entertains. A lot. The bar in panel 3 is not actually a wet-bar (as it lacks sink) but the 4 cabinents below are fully stocked with just about any alcohol imaginable and the cabinets above house an impressive collection of barware. And the counter-top itself was still very full from the Christmas party she’d thrown a week or so before we arrived. I want to be my Aunt when I grow up…

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