Mixology 102 (b)

Since Aunt works in the science field, the fact that she had pipettes around and used them for layering drinks did not strike me as odd–until I realized that these were not the pipettes I was looking for pflanzen gegen zombies 2 kostenlosen vollversion. After doing some research after the fact, in lab settings there are little suctiony things you can attach to the end rather than one’s mouth but at the time that was not available sims 2 download kostenlos. And for the record there is a bit of cottony filtery stuff near the mouth-end so it’s not exactly like a straw, but close. Still, they worked well enough, for all that I felt forty kinds of foolish for sucking up Bailey’s through a 12 inch glass straw to make drinks editor phase 5 kostenlos download.

The first round was singles for Aunt, me, Jason & Kara. The latter were not nearly as enamoured with the very sweet shots as Aunt and I were, so the next round were doubles for two 🙂

Okay, folks, even I can admit that this family holiday is taking overlong to finish so good news: Next week is the trip home and then we’ll be back to some local randomness for a bit icloud inhalte herunterladen. I’m looking forward to /not/ drawing those kitchen & bar cabinents anymore!

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