of brains and birthdays

Yes, we are the wild bunch… playing board games involving backwards spelling, clay-dough sculpture, blind drawing and charades! This was the funniest part of the game and if you’re still stymied by the clue take an upside-down gander at the lower left corner of the comic for the answer herunterladen. Second in humor content was my aunt’s insistence that there were ONLY 99 elements on the period table because that’s how many there were when she was in college and that, despite the PhD in microbiology, she has absolutely no head for trivia mit welcher app kann man youtube videosen! But I astounded everyone with my ability to spell words backwards and draw convincing enough images to convey the clue bicycle shorts while blindfolded herunterladen. We still lost.

Once we were finished Mom realized that it was officially December 25th and therefore officially Kara’s 21st birthday. What happened after the serenade amazon prime musik herunterladen? Well, you’ll just have to wait ’til next to see.

On the art front you might be able to tell that I’ve spent the last few days drawing strictly from photo-references zoom how to do it. Thanks to a super-secret project I had 13 figures to render in addition to the comic this weekend. Thank heavens that’s done, now I just have to figure out how to adequately convey the chaos for next week real player kann keine videos mehren. And yes, we’re still black and white, and I think will be for a little while.

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