…of mergers & acquisitions

Again with the e-mail conversations. Sometimes when one’s brain is fried from crunching nubmers and chasing decimal points you just get these really weird ideas and, well, ideas are no good to anyone if they stay contained (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) zdf mediathek inhalte herunterladen.

I seem to be going every-other-page with the complex vs. simple strips. This was not intentional and, actually, 4 and 5 are both a bit complex (in fact, 5 gave me fits for over a month to get some of the panels even close to right–this is why a buffer is a good thing!) imagej herunterladen. I really like me peering over my computer monitor like that. I may just have to use that angle again for simplicities sake. Unless, of course, I do a shot like strip 1 and show how messy my desk /really/ is (but this is Funny not Horror so that’s a bad idea) firefox apple. You’re welcome for the bangs, Jen 😉

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