Rings on Her Fingers, Page 5

the other ADHD= Attention Deficit Heartbreak Disorder

Another little anecdote about me in high school: I developed, very quickly, a reputation for “picking up” a guy at every out of town convention I went to (and since I was a math geek, a latin geek and a bank geek, that was a lot of trips!) herunterladen. It was never sinister or lecherous or pervy or anything, I just seemed to attract at least one guy that was content to lavish me with attention for the duration of the trip excel downloaden voor mac. Patrick was a good example of that and he later became my boyfriend and so was David.

It’s tough to get enough attention when there are miles and miles between you and it’s pre-Internet and unlimited long distance cell phones netflix serie on laptop. It was totally bad form on my part but David was tossed in favor of the nearer Kris. While I stick to my policy of “no regrets”, I do wish (at times) that I’d done things differently just then musik von youtubeen mit handy.

(and, for the record, I that’s a Flag Corps flag in my hands; 4 years marching Cougars, 2 in the brass section and 2 on flags–I still have both my horn and my flags)