Rings on Her Fingers, Page 9

I loved that dress, it was very Gone with the Wind. Thankfully I did get all but the small deposit back on it.

Now, at the time I wasn’t really aware of this, but there is actual etiquette on what gets done with the ring in a broken engagement herunterladen. If the girl breaks it off she has to give it back but, generally speaking, when the guy breaks it off she gets to keep it! It’s sorta like a consolation prize or forfeiture of deposit rechner zumen. Exceptions are generally made for family heirlooms and the like (or if the ring was REALLY freaking expensive… although it’s more than a little gauche for her to know how much he spent but, then again, those sorts of rings require insurance riders so…) herunterladen. Anyway, by rights I should have kept the ring the first time around, much less the second, so I was a fool for giving it back.

And, for the record, he did ask me to marry him again stronghold 1 download kostenlos. And again. And again. It was a long Winter. Then he went into the Navy and things got a little weird (more so than usual). The Navy didn’t work out for him so much powerpoint programm zum downloaden. Let’s just say it’s not a good idea to write threatening letters on Naval academy stationery to a girl whose known to be a pack-rat and then list her roommates as character witnesses when you need that security clearance fernbus simulator demo for free. I’m just sayin’!