Santa Never Stood a Chance

I could hardly believe it: my mom, the woman who begrudgingly let us open one present on Christmas Eve our whole lives growing up, came up with a plan to a)avoid wrapping presents and b)sleep in late on Christmas morning Do not safari pdf view. Aunt Marie was perhaps not the most enthusiastic about it, but eventually gave in and a new tradition was begun (maybe). It was really rather silly.

Art wise: Hmmm… perhaps the top register of panels is a bit sparse on the backgrounds herunterladen. At least in panel one Mom’s head could have filled more of the frame, but I really didn’t need the extreme close-up either. I’m really proud of the little eye-inset below, though: it turned out just how I envisioned hotel gigant 2 kostenlosen vollversion. This storyline is being pulled out a little longer than I had originally planned, but I think two more weeks–no, 3!–and we’ll have finished the family vacation and move on to other randomness netflix film downloaden 4g. I’m ignoring the fact that I could be stalling towards the beginning of the next storyline, I think I’ll still be on track with that and this is making a nice little continuing saga photoshop 2018 herunterladen.

Otherwise, this marks the 10th strip of Random Acts… ! Woot! Technically its eligible to be listed, now, on certain list sites, but I may hold off another week or so before I do solitaire for mac for free. I think I want to fiddle with a few things before I invite hordes of traffic over here. Maybe. We’ll see. I also might get inspired and make changes during the holiday prime videos on laptop. Who knows? Watch this space…

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