Too early to be /that/ perky!

The 6am flight was not even half full and I had almost dozed off a bit when Miss Loud McChatsalot sits down thinking I’m her travel buddy. Er, no…

And what is it about Birks and related footwear that immediately make one all slouchy and gangly viber pc deutsch kostenlos? Those cute pink suede mules were perfect for trekking through the airport and so forth but they did absolutely nothing for my posture. I mean, really, being ladylike and demur is rather hard to pull off when you’ve got these shearling-lined blocks on your feet king spiele kostenlos downloaden!

* * *

It’s very possible that I am overly impressed with the art for today’s strip but I’m not really of a mind to self-censor minecraft ps4 gratisen. I know full well that the resizing that happens in order for it not to take forty forevers to load takes away some of the detail (like my eye expressions)

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