Vulkon 1

For some reason Vulkon wasn’t originally on our radar, even though it’s within that driveable range of events I’ll readily consider herunterladen. But when Dino said he’d be down there it sorta sealed the deal for us–we like hanging out with him and we figured if nothing else we could go down and help him with the SoulGeek table and that would be good fairytale for free.

Vulkon was not my prefernce in con-style: it was more of an opportunity to get photos and autographs from the stars than anything else (very few panels, etc.) herunterladen. We didn’t get to see the schedule before we got there but it didn’t really matter since there wasn’t much of anything on it for me! But that was okay, I chilled at the table and even got some drawing done playstation store gekauftes spielen. And the people that did attend seemed to really enjoy themselves, so it’s all good.