Doctor, Doctor 20


I still find this absolutely giggle-worthy and, yet, still trust my surgeon completely. This really did happen though I had to improvise the dialogue (being lights-out makes it tough to remember what was said, no?) herunterladen.

Apparently my gall bladder was just lousy with stones, so much so that they were surprised I hadn’t had more trouble leading up to the diagnosis dahoam is dahoam herunterladen. At any rate, first they had to stabilize my BP, then the little sleeve thingy (v.technical medical term) that they put around the gall bladder didn’t want to cooperate (I could have warned them, I guess, I’ve always been a tough fit) and even when it did, the main incision wasn’t big enough to get the packaged bits out movies germany. Even with it enlarged (any more and they really would have had to do a full open incision–v.glad they did not!) it was tough going and then, THEN, the little buggers started spilling out all over the place pflanzen bilder kostenlos downloaden. Dr. L said it was more stones than she’d seen in any one person–guessing 300 or so.


Dude, I had Sparta in my mid-section, and they aren’t known for giving up without a fight kostenlose bewerbung herunterladen.