Vulkon 4

Oh those tempting vendors! They are ruthless! Though, really, this guy was very sweet about things and was fun to chat with, so I didn’t mind him tempting me with decks. I brought both of them home, by the way, increasing my small collection by two really fun sets. Well, the Dali set is more deep than fun, but you know what I mean!

Vulkon 3

And that’s pretty much how “Where the Geeks Are” came to be. He asked, I regretfully said no, then I got an idea that was too good not to do. Isn’t that always the way?

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy working with the story for ‘Geeks’ and I was honored to be asked to create something for SoulGeek, it just meant that some of my other projects got pushed a little farther down the to-do list.

Vulkon 2

She actually followed me off the elevator before she realized that it wasn’t her floor as well. It was the next day before I found out she was with the band performing that weekend and is really sweet… in a brash, walking around in socks and slightly inebriated way. Rock on!

Vulkon 1

For some reason Vulkon wasn’t originally on our radar, even though it’s within that driveable range of events I’ll readily consider. But when Dino said he’d be down there it sorta sealed the deal for us–we like hanging out with him and we figured if nothing else we could go down and help him with the SoulGeek table and that would be good.

Vulkon was not my prefernce in con-style: it was more of an opportunity to get photos and autographs from the stars than anything else (very few panels, etc.). We didn’t get to see the schedule before we got there but it didn’t really matter since there wasn’t much of anything on it for me! But that was okay, I chilled at the table and even got some drawing done. And the people that did attend seemed to really enjoy themselves, so it’s all good.

Dragon*Con 6

Wouldn’t you know it, of the 5 glasses in that bag, the ONLY one that broke was a) the one I wanted most and b) the one that was the best wrapped. I mean, not even the plastic cup on top, devoid of any wrapping, cracked. The 2 glasses from PittyPat’s Porch? Fine. The shot glass that was inside the broken one (with lots of paper between)? Fine. Only my Trader Vic’s glass, the anniversary one with the Mai Tai recipe on it, the one the waiter swapped out the rest of my drink into a regular glass so he could wash the one I’d been served because they didn’t have any, otherwise, to sell was the one that broke.

But! In the defense of Hilton management, they got the restaurant manager to come over once we got downstairs, he took the pieces, I explained precisely which glass it was (again, the not-available-for-sale part) and gave him my address and he promised to replace it. There was some confusion but, eventually, I got my glass. It’s not the one I was served, mores the pity, but it is the anniversary glass with the Trader Vic’s story and Mai Tai recipe and that’s what counts.

And, of course, I’d originally packed the glassware in the suitcase but took it out to make sure it didn’t get crushed. Figures.

Dragon*Con 4

Yeah, I know, my mental pep talk went to the sappy side of things but it’s totally true: if I hadn’t stumbled upon The Devil’s Panties several years ago I wouldn’t be doing this comic. So there. But I was too bashful to say any of that, so I bought a couple of things from her and asked her to sign my monkey. Which she did, she drew a monkey on my monkey’s back, and he sits on my shelf with his arms wrapped around the shot glass I bought that day!

Dragon*Con 3

And this would be why I only made it to 3 panels all convention. Lots of naps happened.

Now, those who were around the blog last Fall might remember that I had my gallbladder out the week before Dragon*Con and that the trip only happened because Todd was willing to do all of the driving and heavy lifting (literally… I wasn’t supposed to carry anything heavier than my purse!). I was off the pain killers (talk about mind-numbing, they didn’t knock me out so much as put me on ‘pause’) and had dome some last-minute shopping pre-surgery for loose clothing but I had 0 stamina.

Of course, the fact that it was August in the South didn’t help. I had a list of panels that I would have liked to go to but, frequently, the Art track was hosted in the Hyatt, we were in the Hilton, and I just didn’t feel up to the trek. I’m looking forward to having a bit more energy for my next trip to D*C!

Dragon*Con 2

I didn’t make it to many panels this convention but the ones I did had a disturbing trend towards Q&A instead of moderated discussions/presentations among the panelists. And it’s not just me, I heard this from a few others as well. Maybe I’m just not down with the whole panel thing? Not sure, but give me a presentation or discussion BEFORE going into Q&A, please!

For precisely the reason illustrated above, of course. I swear, for a panel titled “We Don’t Need No Superheroes” the talk (totally Q&A, of course) was entirely ABOUT superheroes. It was _supposed_ to be about other comics genres and so forth, and there were a couple of attempts to steer the convo that way, but when every question is “why are superheroes so pervasive in the United States markets” and others (I recorded the panel so the above example really was the last question asked) it’s tough to stay on track.

Dragon*Con 1

So, this was my first Dragon*Con and my first BIG Con of any sort. A group of us had been planning to attend the previous year (07) but life happened and plans fell through and it just didn’t happen. This year (08), though, I was determined! I booked the hotel at the beginning of the year (after 2 of the 3 hotels had sold out due to some football things going on the same weekend) and registered not too long after.

Now, by the time Todd had decided to come with me (which was a good thing since it turns out I wouldn’t have been able to make the trip on my own–more about that later) they had switched to doing pre-reg through Ticket Master instead of the PayPal form they had been using. Apparenty a LOT of people registered after the switch, maybe more than D*C expected, even. At least I HOPE that’s their excuse for having only 1 line open for folks who ordered memberships through Ticket Master. It took me, literally, about 15 minutes to pick up my badge and booklets; Todd finally got out of there after 2 hours!

But, hey, what can you do? Badges procured, we were finally ready to explore D*C.