Doctor, Doctor 22

Not that I was going to willfully disobey to good doctor, I just wasn’t going to ever go back to Sommerset if I could avoid it! Instead, I got a new gastro and he’s much better at pretty much everything pc games kostenlosen. Plus I was a bit more concerned about the whole lung issue. After all, I am the queen of bronchitis and was concerned this might have something to do with it painting book for free.

I’ve always known everything was connected, body-wise, but even I didn’t think of my liver having much of anything to do with my lungs epson drucker software herunterladen!

After seeing my pulmonologist (the same one I saw before the sleep apnea surgery) and had more blood-work done to see exactly what level of deficiency I was dealing with and a PFT to make sure I’d sustained no lung damage (I hadn’t, yay!) we’re just monitoring things pc spiel kostenlos downloaden. Apparently, if I were a smoker or around smokers a lot I could easily have emphysema by now (or COPD, etc) because the A1AT is what keeps the white blood cells from over-cleaning the lungs after illness or exposure to smoke, etc., causing loss of elasticity and a whole heap of other things microsoft publisher kostenlos deutsch. I have so little of it available to my lungs because my liver is producing it but keeping hold of it. This puts me at a higher risk of cirrhosis and other fun stuff like that, so that’s what the gastro is monitoring ccleaner kostenlos herunterladen.

Doctor, Doctor 21

Sneaky, sneaky–but at least I didn’t have to use a bedpan! *shudder*

By the following morning I’d gotten better at being able to unhook and rehook myself (though the compression things were tough since I couldn’t bend real well) herunterladen. Good thing, because just as I’d get comfortable and start to fall asleep, I’d have to get up again. It wasn’t what you’d call a restful night herunterladen.

On the up side, had I not been in the hospital overnight, therefore not being on an IV or being checked on by nurses, I might have ended up back in the hospital before too long perigon herunterladen. Apparently it’s very easy to get pneumonia while recuperating from surgery (something about the anesthesia and lying prone for so long, etc.) and during the course of the night I spiked a fever and they MADE me get up and walk around the halls to try and keep fluid from settling in my lungs (as well as work out the irritation to my diaphragm) suunto daten herunterladen. Plus there was this breathing thing I had to do–sorta like a game where you had to make the ball stay in this one area while you inhale and exhale herunterladen. I hated doing it (because it hurt to breathe deeply) but I kept trying. It took most of a week before I could sustain it (and the rattle to go away when I breathed) apps without a google account. Now I know what they meant by “death rattle” in all those period books!

Doctor, Doctor 19

No swaddling or gentle wake-up this go round! Oh, no, my arms were strapped to boards to keep them out of the way and the pain, oh the pain, that assailed me like a visible force before I even dared open my eyes iphone cannot download images. Seriously, the only thing I could thing was to crawl away from the pain. Only that made it worse.

Now the pain wasn’t from my mid-section, no no herunterladen. The pain was from my right shoulder. Did you know there’s a nerve that runs from your diaphragm to your shoulder? I can tell you _exactly_ where it ends up games for free without registration. It hurt so bad I was half-convinced someone had pulled my arm out of socket moving me from the OR table back to a gurney or something. Turns out it was from the gas they use to inflate the abdomen during laproscopic surgery, it can irritate the diaphram in some patients lg waschmaschine programmeen.

And, yes, I was expected–while in gobs of pain, mind you–to move MYSELF from the gurney to my hospital bed shortly after waking up pushtan desktop. I really thought they’d lost their ever-lovin’ minds on that one. The nurse did say they could move me but that it would hurt more (like it was possible) than if I did it myself herunterladen von bildern aus dem internet.

If you’re wondering why I was put into a room rather than discharged, I should explain. Yes, gall bladder removal is generally done on an out-patient basis but two things made us opt for what they call a 23-hour hold herunterladen.

  1. The carcinoid syndrome brings with it a higher than normal chance that I will react negatively to anesthesia (which I did: they had to stabilize me during surgery because my BP went wonky early on; one of two little snags during the procedure) chrome downloaden voor windows 10 64 bits.
  2. I was also having a liver biopsy while they were in there, to check on some things noted in previous scan results, and there have been cases of folks having a liver biopsy, going home and…just dying herunterladen. (I swear that’s how my surgeon described it to me!) So a night of monitoring was in order, one way or another.

Doctor, Doctor 18

I am a very lucky girl.

Wobbly is my word for getting overly emotional at any given time–it’s humorous and usually makes whatever situation, real or imagined by my psyche, less tense google übersetzer kostenlosen. Laugh or cry, right? Sometimes both. Thankfully I don’t have to use it that often.

I only got nervous about the sleep apnea surgery just before it happened but, even then, it wasn’t like this herunterladen. I mean, yes, it was still considered major surgery but it was somewhat non-invasive–all the bits they had to get to were accessable through my mouth youtube downloader chrome for free. Having my gall bladder removed? Kinda invasive. And I wasn’t sure how I really felt about someone making holes in my tummy.

Doctor, Doctor 16

Sorry for the info-dump, gang, but I’m trying to move this section along but not leave anything important, out! I figured, I can blog that bit but then it’s 1 step removed from the story and it shouldn’t have to be youtube mp3 herunterladen.

At the last moment I decided to try inking this strip with a brush rather than marker (haven’t done that since way back in year 1!). I need a bit of practice to get used to it, again, but I’m hoping it’ll actually be faster now (that’s why I stopped doing it before, it took WAY too long); it certainly helped tonight wo kann ich kostenlos mp3 downloaden!

There’s an update over at What to Feed Your Raiding Party, for those who are interested in following the project waipu tv free.

Also, donations are now being accepted for the Comic Creator’s Alliance Fundraiser to aid Love146 and Gracehaven lieder für mp3-player kostenlos herunterladen. There’s no minimum donation–every little bit helps–and in return you get access to a downloadable wallpaper in 2 styles featuring 90 female webcomic characters herunterladen!

Doctor, Doctor 13

If I didn’t already mention, most of the doctor-dump craziness and resulting scramble happened at the same time my car decided to lose it’s mind (pretty much literally: the electrical system kept wonking out–find out all about my car woes in Satyr #8 from Main Enterprises) and after 3 trips and repairs in as many weeks I was way overstressed alle instagram bilderen online. So brand new car, brand new doctor! And one that, even if he WAS humoring me, at least agreed to give it a shot. Thankfully I didn’t have to go back to Gainesville for the scans herunterladen.

And speaking of the scans. When I DID ask Dr Hart about an O-scan her reply was that they were only effective if you already knew where the tumor was herunterladen. Despite the fact that I had literature that said it was used to FIND them… but whatever. I think we’ve already established that she was NOT a good doctor for me Download chess games for free.

Doctor, Doctor 8

garmin app

It’s one thing to waste a weekend house-bound for those blasted tests but to have to do so every couple of weeks due to lab errors was positively horrible to download movies. But Dr.K sure felt more comfortable being able to tidy up my chart once Carcinoid was mentioned. It should also be noted that his office was quite conscientious and called to follow up on the tests themselves, to make sure everything had finally been sorted out herunterladen. I’m glad I haven’t had a reason to see him again but at least I know the visit wouldn’t be entirely unpleasant.

Doctor, Doctor 7

sofatutor videos kostenlos downloaden

Actually, between my regular doctor and the cardiologist I had a Holter monitor for 24 hours as well. But (aside from the odd contraption itsel) there wasn’t much amusing about it allplan 2019 herunterladen. The nurse didn’t seem amused by my question but, honestly, I thought the transducer was a muscle, like the trapesius or something! Also, for the record, to say that taking a deep breath, holding it, and then having her jam that tranducer-wand-of-torture into my sternum was unpleasant would be quite an understatement sims mittelalter kostenlosen vollversion. I was glad to know my heart was in good shape but really!