Weekenders: DeFuniak Springs 7

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It was definitely quaint–they still use real keys! I wasn’t using artistic license there! But it’s quaint in a good way. The rooms really are impossibly high-ceilinged and, even if the sink is next to the bed (at least in this room) it actually wasn’t that odd 3d images. I definitely want to go back and, yes, stay in the haunted room.


Weekenders: DeFuniak Springs 4

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We found Pig Daddy online with such a truly horrendous slogan the food had to be good (“our butts smell good”). Unfortunately, we learned later at the Winery, the restaurant had closed that week photo it uit whatsapp. As in Wednesday. As in 3 days before we got there. No one knew why.

Where we ended up eating was fine, it was a little diner where the food came out on paper plates but it was clean and filling but not some place I’d be in a hurry to return to kostenpflichtige apple apps kostenlos downloaden.

Cruise Holiday 10

Sure, I’ve learned hot to do and seen a lot of the higher end table service habits (new silverware for each course, actually using a crumber, etc.) but to have my napkin refolded when I got back from the ladies’ room was a step up from even the most exemplary service herunterladen.

The Supper Clubs on select Carnival ships are located IN the funnel and almost all tables are window-seats, the windows being tinted red and with a view of the deck and the sea below sims 4 feestdagenpakketen. It’s very nice and cozy and worth the extra fee per person (this is one meal option not covered in the “all inclusive” package costs of a cruise) zoom cloud meetings download macbook.

Cruise Holiday 9

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This was, like, the one thing that I was really looking forward to on this cruise (that, and the Caesar salads, lol). Originally, our ports were Belize, Porta Limon and Panama but due to propulsion problems they exchanged the two southern-most ports for 3 others higher up (Cozumel, Costa Maya and Roatan) android spiele kostenlos herunterladen. It was a little disappointing until I did some research on the cruise boards and found out you could actually play with monkeys in Roatan. Happy Scraps herunterladen!

This little guy (named Peter, if I remember correctly) must have been a budding filmmaker as he found my videocamera absolutely entralling.