I’ll be at Wrath of Con this weekend.

No, not as a vendor or artist–I didn’t think this strip was anywhere near scifi enough to fit in–but I do plan on having flyers available and maybe passing some out. It’ll be my first Con (yes, really) so might make for some interesting material for later on down the road and, well, it does involve a (brief, 2.5 hours, it’s practically in my backyard!) road trip with both Jen and Todd so anything’s possible.

Wrath of Con






One response to “I’ll be at Wrath of Con this weekend.”

  1. Jen Avatar

    Oh, like anything we do together ever causes strip fodder. XD

    If the con’s as small as I think it’s going to be, it should be nice and mellow and relaxing. I lost my con virginity at Dragon*Con, which was…anything but.