…the Artist

Jennifer Walker, aka Scraps, is a Louisiana native who now makes her home in North Florida. When not counting shekels as the Bookkeeper for a commercial print shop she works on various comics projects, including the newly launched “Where the Geeks Are” for SoulGeek Webcomics elster downloaden mac. She loves fruity martinis and hates bad drivers. Contact the artist at randomactscomics[at]gmail[dot]com.

…the Comic

“Cocktail hour” (nee Random Acts…) is part of the Random Acts Comics family that encourages readers to observe, reflect and relax in good company, much like you’d find during the perfect cocktail hour outlook mails nicht herunterladen. Udating Tuesday through Thursday, Cocktail Hour shows life, in pictures, from the perspective of a thirty-something busy enjoying life to it’s fullest xray downloaden.

…the Blogs

“Nibbles & Bites” (nee Random Appetites) runs every Monday and covers topics from food to entertaining, restaurant reviews or news around the foodie world patience kostenlosen. As a former Pastry Chef, Jennifer likes to keep in touch with her former sphere and incorporate it into her comics as she does in life.

“Sips & Shots” runs every Friday and features a beverage recipes (not all of which will be alcoholic) herunterladen. Just like Cocktails shouldn’t be limited to an hour, the weekends shouldn’t be limited to just 2 days: put yourself in just the right frame of mind a day early oracle sql herunterladen.