Find Some Rain and a Blender!

But don’t use one in the other…

Today is National Pina Colada day so have a little fruity fun if you are so inclined.

And speaking of getting caught in the rain…

This week’s comics required some reference photos that I had yet to take by last Sunday. So, it’s thundering, but that doesn’t always mean much, but the boyfriend (soon to be introduced, I promise) and I still head out to the park. Luckily he remembered to get the umbrella out of the car because the ‘it might not actually rain for a while, if at all’ turned into ‘it could just drizzle a bit then stop’ then into ‘we’re at the top of the trail, gotta keep going anyway.’ The camera stayed dry, I cannot say the same for the rest of us. He was such a good sport, though, I think I really lucked up to have someone who will put up–with a smile!–with these little “adventures” of mine.






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