More AlcoHolidaze!(tm)

Seems to be a theme we’re developing here, no? So I’ve given it a name (and a tag): AlcoHolidaze(tm)

Today, July 24th, is actually National Tequila Day so bring on those Margaritas! Sure, there are other things to do with ol’ Jose, but few are more fun.

Tomorrow (the 25th), on the other hand, is National Scotch Day… or is it the 27th? There seems to be some disagreement among the Internet about who gets to claim that honor, but you can cover your bases by indulging on both, just to be sure (as if you needed an excuse, right?) Personally I’m not all that fond of Scotch, it’s a bit too harsh for me. I’ll stick to the “clear” liquors and call it a night!