Speaking of Girls Next Door! One of the Girls, Bridget Marquardt has a Sirius show on Playboy Radio and I (try to remember to) listen to it from the office. It’s a morning show over in California but thanks to time-zones it plays live at 1pm, so works out pretty well for those of us on the East Coast. (And, yes, it _was_ one of the deciding factors in getting a Sirius subscription.)

Anyway! Today’s show featured a kinda funny Bridget-ism:

Drexting (v) to text people (even those sitting across the table from you) while drunk

I love it! It’s the text-generation’s version of drunk-dialing only somewhat more fun and, you know, the messages can be saved for later 🙂 I only wish Bridget was on Twitter, that would be so much fun, Twitter-addict that I am. She said on the show not to ever give her your number, you will be drexted, but I think I’d be honored to get a drext from her.

[ETA: Oh! Bridget didn’t come up with this one! Urban Dictionary lists that version of drexting as early as January, 2007. There’s an alternate definition, as well, which is to text while driving. The latter’s not exactly safe (though I admit to having done it before, in very slow-moving traffic) and I’d certainly hate to hear of a combined practice. What would that be called? Drextdring?]