Pencils this Week!

Let’s call this a behind the inks week, shall we? Something surprising: Percocet and productivity do NOT go hand in hand. I figured, honestly, that I’d have plenty of time to draw and write while I was recovering from the gall bladder removal (which went well, overall) I even bought this lap tray table whose top sets up at an angle to work on while reclining. Um, yeah. No brain power. But rather than totally cop out this week I wanted to definitely update–I guess that’s one benefit of doing very complete pencils!






One response to “Pencils this Week!”

  1. jun Avatar

    I remember after I had my appendix out, I had to stay home nearly 2 weeks. And I thought “I’ll get so much read!” Ha ha. I couldn’t even read and retain a paragraph with the painkillers I was on.