Well, That Was Quick!

My Small Press Idol aspirations are over for this year, at least. I had really high hopes for the cover and pitch I turned in this weekend but apparently they were too high: 2 “no” votes and I don’t move on to Round 2. For my part, I obviously failed to convey the right tone of the project, the humor inherent in the situation and the potential I saw there. Also on me is the very real possibility that I brought the wrong project to the wrong audience. Oh, well, it happens. And this project, which originally started life as an offshoot of “Random Acts…” and then took on a life of it’s own, was originally intended for the web and I have no problem continuing in that vein. So Gamma Girl, the Hospitality Heroine will see web-production at some point this year (at least the first episode) as a “Random Acts Comics presents” feature and we’ll go from there.