Podcasts, Store Page and Biscuits, oh my!

So, a few things from the “state of the comic” report this Monday:

  • While at MegaCon, the charming JT Shea of NightGig Studios and The Gigcast interviewed little ol’ me and that 3 minutes and 29 seconds can be found on the latest episode (#183) of the The Gigcast, right here.
  • Oh, look, up there, in the sky! No, wait, little farther down, just in that menu bar there… see it? It’s a new link! A Store link, even, and following that link you’ll find how to order the dead-tree version of Random Acts… Year 1: Party in the Handbasket! Over time there will be more items available there but I’m having a bit of an issue getting the PayPal cart to fully cooperate.
  • Finally, because I like things in 3s, a funny from this weekend. Just the punchline but, hey, with the lag between real-life and comic-life, by the time this makes it into a strip you’ll have forgotten all about it. Ready? 3 words: Biscuit Protection Program.