The Lost Year

Safe to say Year 4 (it is year 4, isn’t it? or, rather, wasn’t it…) will be known as the Lost Year in Random Acts history.

As is, some time later, years later, those who know will look back and say “Oh, yeah, that’s the year Scraps decided to write/draw a cookbook. Good thing that’s over.”

Or something like that.

Not that I haven’t been a busy little monkey. And not that I haven’t been drawing, either! I’m about to finish up Chapter 4 (of 5, plus a prologue–done–and epilogue) of What to Feed Your Raiding Party. Well, the pencils. Which, let’s face it, is the long, laborious part of things. Inking goes quicker as long as my hands hold out and, yes, there’s still the formatting to do of the rapidly-approaching-200-pages tome and the spot illustrations and cover BUT the onerous penciling (and creating scenes and worlds from just my grey matter–definitely the most exhausting part of it all, really) is drawing (and I typed that with absolutely zero irony) to a close.

Which means Cocktail Hour will return to tell the story of the house on Longview Drive. One upside to the delay? I know how a major part of that story ends, which was very much up in the air when we started. I’m looking forward to getting back to both Cocktail Hour as well as Where the Geeks Are (oh, yes, it’s still floating around there, too!) but I’m not even going to go down the rabbit hole of I’ll be back on such-and-such date. As much as a deadline has the power to motivate, I honestly have no idea if it’s going to be another 3 months before I can get back here or (dear god no) more. And I just don’t want to let either of us down.

In the mean time, please make sure you’re subscribed to the RSS feed (would you like an email option, too? because I can do that if even 1 person would prefer it that way) to know when stuff starts to happen over here, again. And check out What to Feed Your Raiding Party, where I do a status update once a week. Even if it’s to say I’ve finished 1 page or a brainstorm, I post.

Thanks for your patience, you’re the best!