Rings on Her Fingers, Page 1

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And so begins the my 24-hour Comic attempt (finished after the fact): a 24-page continuous story about a recurring theme in my life. It wasn’t until I was writing it all out that I realized how many rings I’ve worn over the last 18 years (yikes!) and what meaning many of them held (and still hold, for the ones I wear now) herunterladen.

A bit of foreshadowing? As I was lettering the later pages of the story I turned to Todd and said “As I work on this story I’m realizing something: not that I think you would, or anything, but don’t ever buy me a ring!”

This story will take us right up to the end of the Calendar year and I hope you enjoy it instagram profilbilder downloaden!

Wrapping It Up: 24 Hour Comics Day

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It’s a few minutes early but I’m pronouncing my effort done for today. At some point not tonight I’ll do an overall wrap-up impression, but for now I’ll say that I scripted, laid out and lettered 24 pages imap mail herunterladen. I pencilled 6.5. I’m okay with that. If (and that’s a big if) I ever try this again, I’ll do something less time-consuming, but at least I’m this much farther ahead on the rest of the year’s strips herunterladen. Good night!

Halfway Point: 24 hour Comics

Well, I certainly thought I would have had another progress report by now, namely one that said “letters complete, moving on to pencils” but that’s still a couple hours away free easter greetings. I just finished lettering page 15 of 24 so at least I’m on the downhill slide of that task, but I can’t believe it’s taking me this long rainbow six siege herunterladen. Still, there’s almost 12 hours left and I’ll be happy to finish the day with a complete set of pencils. If I get any inking done at all, I’ll consider it gravy, icing, hell the whole cake gif facebook! lol

Once Spectrum woke up it was easier to stay awake, felt more like daylight, but at 10 I needed a serious break and took a shower, changed clothes, etc youtube playlist onlineen. Feel somewhat normal, think it’s mostly adrenaline I’m running on. That and baklava. In fact, when Todd returns I’ll be having gyro or something else deliciously Greek for lunch courtesy of the Greek Food Festival that I’m missing right now minecraft free download ipad. Oh well, my commitment to comics comes first?

In Progress: 24 Hour Comics Day

So it’s 5:40am and I just finished scripting. If you notice my proposed timeline below, I’m about an hour behind where I thought I’d be simulation games downloaden. Oh well, at least I haven’t given in to sleep or given up.  It was tougher than I thought, this forced production, very different from how NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy have gone in the past whatsapp videos weihnachten kostenlosen. But that part, probably the 2nd hardest part (the first being the pencilling yet to come) is now complete and I can get on to the visual bits. I’m looking forward to something other than typing for a bit microsoft projectsen.

Event Reminder: 24 Hour Comics Day

So this Saturday, October 18th, is the official 24 Hour Comics Day and I’m one of many webcomickers out there participating. The goal is 24 pages in 24 hours with absolutely no work done ahead of time netflix serien herunterladen computer. That’s the tough part, of course, because I’m just dying to at least get an outline or page-map going, if not the bones of a script. But I’m also a Rules Girl and so will be good and not think too much about the actual content for another couple of days igo8 kostenlos kartenupdates.

Now, remember, I’d decided that this could be a great way to get 2 months of updates for Random Acts… done in one(ish) fell swoop, so it’s a story of my own kann chrome nicht herunterladen. I’ve got a couple of working titles in mind (Wedding Bell Hell or, slightly more topical, Rings on Her Finger(s)) but I’m hoping something even better clicks in the process kostenlos call of duty downloaden. It’s going to span a bit more than a decade of my person history and I’m not opposed to there being some very narrative bits, but I am going to try to keep things balanced itunes download windows 10 64 bit deutsch kostenlos. We’ll see how it turns out, right?

And speaking of seeing, you can actually do just that! If you’re interested in keeping up with my progress over those 24 hours, there are a number of ways to do that:

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scrapsoflife
I’ll probably be micro-blogging frequently (at least hourly) so if you twitter you can follow me either on my page there, the twitter box on the Random Acts… homepage or get my updates sent to your phone herunterladen. Whatever works 🙂

The Blog here at Random Acts…
If you already subscribe to the RSS feed for the comic then you’ll automatically get the periodic updates I post in the blog in your aggregator of choice eurowings ticket. If not, simply check in when you think about it, if you think about it.

Fly on the Wall http://www.ustream.tv/channel/random-acts
And if you REALLY want to watch my progress in a very literal sense, I will be broadcasting live from the drawing board over at ustream english german dictionary. I think I’ve pretty much figured it out and made sure the camera and mic all check out and work as intended (the lag amuses me, it’s like the delay in Scream, only not as long or deadly… poor Kenny), so come check it out sky go got herunterladen.

I’ll be starting at Midnight, Eastern on October 18th and running (hopefully) all 24 hours with very few breaks. In order to facilitate this, I’ll be going to bed as soon as I get home from work on Friday, waking up at 11pm to get rid of the groggies and get something to eat and then starting on my outline as soon as midnight hits kassenbuch zumen. My plan of attack is

  • Outline, hit the highlights of the story (30 min)
  • Quick page-flow, not really thumbnails, just dividing the 24 pages into the Outline, there may be a dummy involved (1 hour)
  • Scripting, in Celtx, as complete as possible; if nothing else I need to work out the narrative before starting the visual assembly line (3 hours?)
  • Layout and letter all 24 pages in pencil (2 hours)
  • Pencil in all the foreground people and props, roughing in backgrounds for placement (8 hours)
  • Ink letters, panel borders and foreground elements (4 hours)
  • Detail main figures, add backgrounds (5.5 hours)

Granted, I have no idea how realistic those time estimates are (obviously I can’t work at my usual 4-6 hours per strip rate) but I’m hoping that if I do it like this I can get the important bits down in the alloted time. Honestly, it’s the scripting and penciling that I may have underestimated and that’s why the detail inking that I do (the extra interior lines that provide a bit of shading and depth and sets the scene with backgrounds) is the last step and the one that, for the purpose of the challenge, can get shortened if necessary. Of course, before it goes live with page 1 on November 5th, I’ll have done the detailed inking to make it “right” the way I want it but I think I’ll make a reference copy at work to show how much really got done in the 24 hours.

Heaven help me if I get sleepy, though. Especially since, as many of you may know, I can’t have caffeine!