Speakin’ of Drinkin’

Seven Deadly Glasses by Hamilton Design are just… wow. I mean, really, those vessels are incredible games for xbox 360. Price available on request? I’m not sure I want to know because, um, I might be really tempted. Click through to the second page to see not only the rest of the glassware but the case, as well windows adk herunterladen. (Good thing I’ve sworn off superfluous purchases for the month!) (Link via Needcoffee.com)
Tomorrow, July 19th, is National Daiquiri Day herunterladen. What’s your favorite flavor? Back home in Ponchatoula, of course, Strawberry reigns supreme but I had a yummy Mango Daiquiri last month at Red Lobster (of all places) that could stand-in quite nicely for some of the sub-par, mostly ice versions that abound rechner zumen. The key to the frozen daiquiri (which is what most of us are familiar with) is a high ratio of fruit to ice. Making sure all the ingredients are ice-cold before they go into the blender will also keep the mixture from becoming watered down too quickly (along with insulated cups!) herunterladen.