Doctor, Doctor 15

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In case it’s not 100% clear–the scans don’t last 4 and 24 hours, it’s the time lapsed from the injection. Pretty much the scans range from 45 minutes to an hour, with a couple different scans per session problems met ios 12. If something needs more follow-up, there can also be 48 and 72-hour scans, as well.

During the first day while trying not to freak out as that huge machine towered over me (and revolved around me at one point, but not smoothly, more a ca-chunk, pause, ca-chunk, pause kinda deal) my arms had to be out of the way so were raised above my head subway herunterladen. The numbness from the position wasn’t helped by the temps in that (and most other) scan room.

Hey Boo-Boob!

Get it? Yoga -> Yogi -> BooBoo -> Boobs in the way…


Nevermind, lol. It’s very late right now and free association of thought may not always be the best idea when titling posts herunterladen.

At any rate! I am a long-time listener of a fabulous yoga and lifestyle podcast: hip tranquil chick but not so much an actually yogini yet war sounds for free. And I was actually using a Pilates dvd this day but its all rolled together in my mind. I actually found a book on Yoga for us fluffier types, Megayoga by Megan Garcia, but, of course, I have yet to actually read it download anonymously with tor browser. It’s on the list!

And yes, through the magic of pen and ink I removed my right arm to illustrate the close confines of that particular pose Download audiobooks and listening games for free. Did that make sense on first viewing?