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I realize now that it seems like these two questions are together when generally they’re separate irritations. It’s the same root issue: businesses that cannot keep their own books straight tipico app herunterladen. Aside from the logo, our invoices and statements look very different from each other yet people still don’t understand the purpose of each or, sometimes, what a running balance represents zh private tax herunterladen. I mean, that was covered in my 6th Grade Living Skills math unit (where we learned about budgets and writing checks properly and all the rest). And these arent’ individuals, these are businesses!! herunterladen! It’s no wonder the economy is where it is when small businesses (and some larger ones) are so shoddily run!

Working Girl 5

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This is a regular occurence, leading right up to the monthly deadline to write a month’s worth of checks on the 10th of each month. It’s even worse when the 10th falls on a weekend and they’re due by the Friday before herunterladen. There may be comfort in routine, but it never feels like it.