Random Appetites: BYOP Basics

In September, 1999, I had just ended my brief career as a pastry chef to return to the more lucrative bookkeeping job I’d left and had recently been dumped by my boyfriend of more than a year herunterladen. It was the first time in two years I found myself with loads of free time.

Not only did I start watching a lot of television around this time, I also got back into crafting house build game for free. And while flipping through “Crafts” magazine, full of all sorts of Halloween projects, I saw a small inset about throwing a BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) party herunterladen. That Fall was my first of a string of very successful Pumpkin Parties whose invitations are, actually, quite coveted.

This year is, unfortunately, a non-BYOP year for me as I have a couple of schedule conflicts but, hopefully, next year will see BYOP-6 (I mean, I already have a theme in mind!) download on netflix mac. But if you want to throw your own, here’s the basics:

  • Have it up to a week before Halloween itself. This prevents schedule conflicts with the actual holiday and gives people more time to show off their creation sims 3 kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch legal. Depending on your October weather, a week may be pushing it.
  • Start in the early afternoon and leave a few hours for people to to work on their pumpkins auto simulator kostenlos herunterladen. Asking your guests to clean out the gourds ahead of time will lessen the clean-up for you, but have a bag or two available for guts and discards.
  • Have lots of patterns and tools available www.metro.de/mymetro herunterladen. I like to provide everything BUT the pumpkins for my guests, including carving tools, patterns, paints and brushes and sundry other items (toothpicks, candles, etc.)
  • Serve refreshments program free of charge. My first couple of BYOPs were pot-luck because I was on a serious budget and this party started big! (both friends and family came as well as a church “youth” group) The last several I’ve supplied everything from appetizers to desserts and plenty in between as my budget allows messenger herunterladen gratis.

Other things I like to do are to award prizes for Most Original, Scariest, Funniest and Best in Show and have goodie bags for when people leave, after supper and general hanging out remote desktop connection manager herunterladen. Anyone who doesn’t carve a pumpkin gets to acct as the judging committee or we do silent ballots–so far there’s always been a couple who haven’t carved but come for the rest of the fun.

And I’ve had all sorts of pumpkins show up! Huge ones big enough to fit a small child inside (I have picture proof…somewhere) and little baby pattypie pumpkins that were painted instead of carved. We’ve also had a spaghetti squash that was painted (so it could be washed and roasted later and therefore not wasted) and last year featured a very scary looking parsnip!!! Just roll with it!

Looks Like Fun


Some things are just rather irresistible to inner children; tobogganing down a hill on a cardboard box is, apparently, one of them.

More happened at the Pumpkin Party, of course, and for the rest of the story, as the saying goes, you’ll just have to wait for that year 2 book herunterladen. (Like you’re waiting for the year 1 book? Yes, yes, it’s in the works. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know as more news is available, working on that additional content right now.)

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Tenting Optional

For the 2007 BYOP(umpkin) party I’d decided to expand things a bit and set up a canopy in the back yard in case of inclement weather of whatever sort herunterladen. The canopy, however, had other ideas and conspired with the elements to make me just chuck-it into the storage room (where it still is, wadded up) and just go without herunterladen. Turned out to be just fine without it, the weather was rather beautiful and we had a good time anyway. It probably would have helped to plan the placement better (I really wanted it butted up to the patio roof, no go) and to have extra hands setting it up videos windows 10. Live and learn!