Riding in Cars With Mom 1

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Road trips with friends are one thing–a road trip with Mom is a whole ‘nother ball game.

I don’t really mind that she likes to drive since it gives me time to read or work on a project or something, I just wish she’d learn to stop the car before we’re an inch from someone’s bumper adblocker kostenloser download! (and, of course, she gets antsy when we don’t begin our stop 50 feet from the nearest car)

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But there’s a I in idiot

For the likewise spelling-impaired, the correct word would be outragEous (emphasis mine). Some people obviously have more money than sense. To be fair, I did Google that spelling just to see if I was merely missing another trend that defies intelligence (like the pop songs that insist on spelling out a key word, and then misspell it throughout the song) but no, I found no such reference; it’s just stupidity herunterladen.

Something else that bugs me about what people do to their cars are the motor memorials. If I’m not mistaken it grew out of the fan’s putting commemorative stickers on their cars after Dale Earnhardt died and just caught on but who knows telegram app kostenlos. All I know is that a car isn’t necessarily the best memorial to your Great Aunt Sally unless, you know, it _was_ her car and you inherited it or bought said vehicle with a monetary gift from her estate herunterladen. To me a memorial needs to be something a little less transient and not stuck in my face on the drive at five. Does anyone else get irritated by that?