A Month of Fridays 9


Sure, we sent emails back and forth every day but being in the chat room, even if we weren’t actively chatting, was sorta like being in the same room doing our own things, but together free image editing.

Funny story about Todd’s move: he had to drive the car onto the trailer but, because of how it fit, couldn’t get out of the car once it was up there unless he climbed out the window Do not safari pdf view. And since his car has power windows the window could not then be rolled back up. Good thing it didn’t rain while he was on the road!

Chat is Where it’s At!

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Seriously, folks, the chatroom over at SoulGeek really does get lively. And since it’s all geeks, all 18+ there’s little to none of the usual chatroom ick factor from the immature and irritating need for speed folien herunterladen. I’m still sporadic about checking the forums (I so prefer emails, but I’m working on being more flexible) but there are some hot topics of geekdom over there, too teamviewer host download for free!

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