25 Things, 12-13

It all started with the Chick-fil-A cows. First I bought the Santa Cow, then came the mini-moos and then Decibell, the superhero cow. Add to that a very generous AFLAC representative and, over the years, my collection has grown considerably video online. A friend in Washington bought a new mattress, that’s how I ended up with a Serta Counting Sheep and I’ve been known to shop at a store or in a catalog just to qualify for a gift-with-purchase-style plush (like the Victoria’s Secret Hoodie Dog) learn to drive.

13. I have multiple monkeys, all named George. And, again, there’s a story to it. A few years ago I was driving to New Orleans when I decided I wanted one of those monkeys with the long arms and velcro hands to carry/wear around the French Quarter and take pictures of and with camtasia studio 8 download kostenlos. Couldn’t find one the entire weekend. But on the way home some friends stopped for gas and found just that monkey, brought him to me, and I named him George stickmotive kostenlos downloaden. When Mom gave me a Curious George doll this past Christmas it was then I decided ‘Well, I’ve got 2 Georges, why not name ’em all George!’ Hence, the George-Borg was born microsoft office 2013 herunterladen kostenlos.

Other things I collect include bears (specifically Pooh bears, but even those have diminished over the years) and bells from places I or others have travelled to animiertes aquarium als hintergrundbild herunterladen.