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So he left, I moved (in case you notice the backgrounds look different, I know, probably no one pays _that_ much attention to them, lol) along with my roommate and her daughter and tried to get on with life and a long distance-relationship cosinex bietertool herunterladen. We each bought webcams and talked pretty regularly but I was sorta bored and, well, boredom doesn’t always lead to the best decisions being made netflix on pc. Stay tuned…

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I debated about including the Twin Towers attack in this story but, honestly, it was a turning point for us (and so many others, but the trickle-down effect is surprising) mahjong shanghai kostenlos download vollversion mac. I was at work the day the Towers were struck and I was at work, months later, when Matt asked to postpone our wedding. My friend and roommate was furious with him at the time, I was still holding on to hope certain file types will automatically open gpo after downloading. Optimistic til the very end, no?

I really do think I would have made a good Navy wife. I’m self-sufficient enough to have withstood the separations and all but again, I’m glad (in hindsight) things worked out the way they did kompletten youtube kanalen. The move to Nevada happened the weekend before our original wedding date and that turned out to be harder than I’d expected. I’ve never been great with changes in plans but this time it felt surreal knowing that I should have been walking down the aisle (in a GORGEOUS dress I’d found a couple weeks before the postponement) when in reality I was driving down to the county, trying to get a message to Matt’s ex-wife who’d come off the road (she’d been a trucker, before) to take over care of the boys when he was so many thousands of miles away Free games to for kids.

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So there I was, reading the Devil’s Panties like any other day when an ad below that Thursday’s strip caught my eye video aus zdf mediathek downloaden mac.

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I was more intrigued by the “geek community” than the dating idea, having been there/done that back in the 90s with various online dating sites, and decided that, at least, was worth a shot so signed up wo kann ich windows 8 kostenlos downloaden. I was among the first 1000 or so members. Now, just passed its first birthday, we have over 10,000. Not too shabby for a little California start-up!